Foundation Repair and Mortgage CRM Analysis Saves Restaurant From Closing

First Step Is To Recognize Signs of Foundation Problems

Our little Italian restaurant sits on the corner of Westheimer and Dunvale.  We’ve been at this location now for almost 20 years.  We’ve seen many neighboring businesses come and go, however we are still here, a Houston Landmark so to speak.  Its obvious that our customers love our food and our environment.  Its also no secret that we love each and everyone of our customers.  Its more like family than just a place to dine.  We know most regulars on a first name basis.  We looked at different types of foundation repair and the costs of each type of repair method. We also checked out many Houston foundation company profiles and used a foundation repair cost calculator to find out what it would take for foundation repair cost per pier.  According to our mortgage crm analysis tool by Unify CRM, pricing varied depending on the foundation repair methods used.  In general foundation repair in Houston is not cheap.  We seeked out a few different companies such as Olshan foundation repair of Houston, Atlas foundation repair of Houston and also East Houston Foundation Repair in Houston as well.

Alls 3 companies offer good quality service.  They all have decent foundation repair cost associated with their labor rates and their all have their own foundation repair Houston style techniques.

Foundation Repair Methods We Looked At

Seems the most common method used today is Pier Beam repairs.  I couldn’t begin to explain to you what it entails but, I was told its one of the best methods to repair foundation problems stemming from old structure.

What Did it Cost Us To Lift The Restaurant And Replace Its Foundation?

So in total, we received a quote for around 5K to fix the slab damage in our foundation, mainly due to age and weather adjustments that cause shifts in foundation.  The work will take roughly a week.  As to how many specific hours, who knows, but what we do know is the work comes with a full limited warranty that protects us from any defects should we find something wrong down the road.